Framing & Services

Picture This Art and Framing aims to provide a personalised service and bring to you the benefit of our extensive experience and knowledge of framing a wide range of artwork and objects, regardless of value.


Your project is unique...

Not all frames are for pictures, not all artwork is two dimensional, and no two settings demand the same approach. A truly bespoke service is a unique and tailored approach designed to meet your exact specifications and your particular budget requirements. Whether your project is to showcase an expensive piece of art, preserve some sporting memorabilia, or simply decorate a plain wall, we will be happy to help you find the optimum way to protect your valuable memories, artwork or curios in the most effective, enhancing and cost efficient manner.

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Something old, something new...

Whether your project or artwork is modern or classic, traditional or contemporary, we can offer a wide range of mouldings to show off and protect your subject. We have an extensive selection of colours, styles and materials - wooden, composite and aluminium, with samples to help you visualise your project in a range of frames. When you visit us we will help you to quickly and confidently reduce the many options to the best selection for your piece.

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Mount Cutting

You can’t gild a lily...

...but you can present it to its best advantage. The Fine Art Trade Guild defines the function of Mountboard as to Support, Protect, Enhance, and Decorate. Mounting a picture is part art and part craft, the objective being to complement the piece to be mounted but not to distract from it. Mountboard comes in a wide range of colours and textures and can be applied singly or overlapped to highlight certain aspects of the subject. It can be used in combination with fillets to give depth, and creatively cut to provide subtle decoration. Have a look at our Portfolio to see some interesting examples!

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Object & Craft Showcasing

Variety is the spice...

We are experienced in framing and showcasing a wide range of artwork and objects, from paintings to photos, football shirts to needlework, oil paintings to prints. Please follow our Portfolio link to see just a small selection of the various projects we have undertaken.

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Textile Art

Don’t cut your cloth...

We enjoy the particular challenges presented by needlework, fabric, and all forms of textile art. There is a broad range of techniques recommended to properly present and protect the diverse styles, materials, and disciplines in these demanding crafts. It is very important to be aware of the particular demands each project offers in order to properly protect and present your work. Typically we prefer to lace, sandwich mount and pin as our preferred methods to secure fabric art, but we will always be happy to talk through the specifics of your project with you and offer our experience and knowledge for your consideration.

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Canvas Stretching

It’s good to stretch...

Artwork on canvas has traditionally been oil or acrylic paintings, but today includes other media such as photographs, giclee prints and serigraphs. Artwork on canvas is often created and purchased as a rolled item, which then requires stretching over canvas stretcher bars before being displayed. Wooden stretcher bars are cut to the relevant size and joined to make a frame around which the artwork is stretched. Once stretched, the canvas can be displayed as a completed product, or can be framed and displayed with or without glass.

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Specialty Glass

Clear as mud...

If you want to give special protection to your subject, we have a range of specialty glass offering reflection control and UV protection. The options range from modest to museum level and we will be pleased to provide advice and costs as required.

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Saving Grace...

When dealing with artwork and objects of value, we keep strictly to the Fine Art Trade Guild’s guidelines on ensuring that any work we undertake is completely reversible without damage to the artwork or project. Furthermore, we are pleased to be able draw upon the extensive knowledge within the Guild’s guidelines to offer protection and enhancement of valuable art.

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Service Levels to suit your budget

The price is right...

Apart from the technical and aesthetic demands of the individual project, there is always the important question of price. Not many people try to glue a Rembrandt to hardboard backing, so our offering spans a range of price points to best match your needs...

The Fine Art Trade Guild specifies Five Levels of Framing as follows:

Minimum provides a basic frame at minimum cost.

Budget provides a visually acceptable frame at a budget price.

Commended for items of moderate value, offers an adequate level of protection for the medium term.

Conservation offers a high level of protection of artwork using conservation grade materials, with fully reversible techniques.

Museum the highest level of framing available, using the highest grade quality framing materials.

We are also pleased to offer a range of other services including:



Framing assessments

Print Digital Images on Canvas, Artbox or Acrylic

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